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    Golf FAQ's

1. What are your rates?

  1. a.  We have one rate that is dynamically priced for all ages throughout the year. These fluctuating rates are constantly updating based on factors such as day of the week, time of the day, Madison weather, and golfer demand (or lack thereof). 
  1. b.  Dynamic pricing puts YOU in control! Pick your right time for your right price.
  1. c.  Make sure you book online at www.golfpleasantview.com as our online rates will always be lower than over the phone or walk-in rates. This online discount can vary between $1 and $10 per player per round.
  1. d.  The farther out you book your tee times, the better chance you have of getting your best rate. 

2. How far in advance do you allow reservations?

  1. a.  We have a 21-day booking window for normal reservations (20 players or less).
  1. b.  For more than 20 players, please email Jeremy Cabalka at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as the reservation window increases based on availability. 

3. What is the best way to book a tee time?

  1. a.  As stated above in FAQ #1, booking your reservation at www.golfpleasantview.com will get you the best rate for you and your fellow golfers. Please note, we do not charge you the moment you book your reservation online; for payment options, please see FAQ #8.
  1. b.  If you prefer to do it the old-fashioned way and are not worried about receiving the best rate, simply roll the dice by walking in and seeing what we have open.
  2.                     c.  Click here to view a how-to video on booking a tee time online.

4. How do I book multiple tee times for more than four golfers?

  1. a.  Book online at www.golfpleasantview.com and then you will select Groups at the top right of the page. You will then change the number of players, date, and course to find consecutive tee times to book as a group. We allow you to book groups up to 20 golfers.
  1. b.  For groups that have more than 20 players, please email Jeremy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

5. What are your cart fees?

  1. a.  Please click this link: https://www.golfpleasantview.com/golf-course/rates/course-rates
  1. b.  One must have an operator’s license to be eligible to drive a golf cart.

6. How can I book a reservation? 

  1. a.  Click here for step by step instructions on how to book a tee time online.

7. How can I edit my reservation? 

  1. a.  Sign into your account online at https://www.golfpleasantview.com/book-a-tee-time
  1. b.  Use the dropdown menu under your name to go to My Reservations.
  1. c.  Click Edit on the left of your reservation.

8. How can I cancel my reservation?

  1. a.  Go to the confirmation email that was sent to you when you made your reservation.
  1. b.  Click Cancel at the bottom of the email where it states, “Link to cancel booking: Cancel”. Sign into your account if you're not already signed in and select Account, Reservations.
  1. c.  Click Confirm.
  2. 9. What is your rain check policy?

    1. a.  In an event where you are unable to finish your round and the course has not closed, a pro-rated rain check will be issued for holes not completed.
    2. b.   In an event where you are unable to finish your round due to course closure determined by PVGC staff, if you have not teed off on your last hole, PVGC will give you a full rain check for your round.
    3. 10. Do you offer any junior or senior rates?

      1. a.  Please see FAQ #1.
      2. 11. Do you offer any military or first responder discounts?

        1. a.  We do not offer any discounts daily; however, we do send specials periodically to those that have served or is actively serving our country. 
        1. 12. How do I pay once my reservation is made?

          1. a.  We have two options for payment: 1) via our mobile app or 2) inside the golf shop on the day of play.
          1. b.  The option of checking in and paying via our mobile app allows you to skip the lines inside. Simply check in and pay up to 24 hours in advance in the comfort of your own home and show the receipt that is emailed to you to our starter. For further app instructions, please click here: https://www.golfpleasantview.com/contact/app-instructions
          1. c.  Please note that we do not charge you the moment you book your reservation online. You must pay via our app or inside the golf shop.

          13. What are my options if I have a ride-along?

          1. a.  While we do not encourage it out of respect to other golfers and everyone’s safety, we do allow walk/ride-alongs within reason.
          1. b.  There is a fee associated with any walk or ride-alongs.
          1. i.  Walk-along – $4.74+tax with a paying golfer.
          1. ii.  Ride-along – daily cart fee with a paying golfer.

          14. Can my child play with me?

          1. a.  We do offer a kid play free program with a full paying adult on our three championship courses only (Woods, Prairie, and Lake.)
          1. b.  The child must be 10 years old or less, and the program is 1 paying adult to 1 free child.
          1. c.  For safety reasons, children on our course must be 5 years or older and must be accompanied by an adult. 
          1. d.  Please remember that your child must have an operator’s license to drive the golf cart.

          15. Do I need a tee time for the Billy Goat Par 3 Course?

          1. a.  Like the championship courses, booking reservations online gives you the best possible rate and helps to ensure you starting at your desired time.

          16. Do you offer any rental clubs?

          1. a.  We have plenty of value set rental clubs available for both right and left-handers.
          1. b.  We have limited supply of premium Titleist rental sets available. 
          1. c.  Please click here for the rental rates: https://www.golfpleasantview.com/golf-course/rates/course-rates

          17. Do you have a practice range?

          1. a.  We do have a full practice range, a short game range, and a practice putting green. 
          1. b.  You may purchase range balls at the ball dispenser with a credit card or you may purchase range balls in the golf shop with cash or a credit card.
          1. c.  We do not offer grass turf for our practice range as everyone must hit from the mats.

          18. Why are you a “mats only” practice range?

          1. a.  Due to safety being our number one priority, we needed to move the hitting area back as too many golf balls were landing on hole #3 of the Lake course placing our golfers in danger.
          1. b.  Each year we purchase new practice balls and each year thousands and thousands of said practice balls are hit into the ditch and trees to the left or right. Moving back to mats has reduced the number of lost practice balls thus reducing staff hours and stress.
          1. c.  With the increase demand for our practice facility, we found that turfgrass management became stressful and time consuming. Eliminating the grass on the practice facility has allowed for improved practices on the actual golf course.
          2. 19. When do you open for the season?

            1. a.  We open the course after the snow has melted and the maintenance crew determines the course fit for play. Generally this has been by April 1st, give or take a couple of weeks.

            20. When do you close for the season?

            1. a.  We close the course when there is snow on the ground or the temperatures are below freezing and the maintenance crew determines the course is no longer fit for play. Generally this has been in December, give or take a couple of weeks.

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