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    F&B FAQ's

What are your restaurant's operational hours?

Clubhouse/Restaurant hours are seasonal and generally run April-October, weather permitting. Hours are also dependent on peak traffic hours, daylight hours, weather, etc. In the Spring/Fall (April-May and September-October), the clubhouse is generally open 8am-5pm. In the peak summer months (June-August), the clubhouse is generally open 7am-9pm. If you are looking to order food/beverages and are unsure if we will be serving, you can always give us a call at (608) 831-7988.

When is there a beverage cart on the golf course?

Beverage cart service is dependent on the following: peak traffic hours, daylight hours, weather etc. Generally, you can expect there to be a beverage cart on the golf course May-September, weather permitting. If you are unsure if we will be serving on the golf course, you can always give us a call at (608) 831-7988 or ask the Golf Shop upon check-in for your tee time. 

Do you have indoor seating?


Can food be delivered on the golf course?

When beverage cart service is available, there are snack/beverage options accessible to you while on the golf course. If you would like to order something from our full restaurant menu, you may do so either in the clubhouse, or by calling (608) 831-7988 to pick it up either at the turn or at the conclusion of your round.

Can coolers be brought on the golf course?

You may bring your own cooler to use while on the golf course; however, it must be empty upon arrival. We can fill your cooler with whatever you choose to purchase from our bar. Please notice, ALL CARRY-ON ITEMS CONTAINING ALCOHOL ARE PROHIBITED ON OUR LICENSED PREMISES. Violators may be prosecuted under Wisconsin State Statute 125.32 (6)(a). We also have coolers available to rent, free of charge, should you want to utilize one during your round. 

Can your clubhouse/patio be rented for events?

We are not currently renting out our space for events as we are extremely busy with golf events and can't give 100% to non-golf events.

How are food/beverage orders placed?

You may place an order either in person, in the clubhouse, or by calling your order in ahead of time at (608) 831-7988. If you are on the turn, please call your order in on the 9th tee, pick up your order, and proceed to the 10th tee in a timely fashion, as a courtesy to other golfers.

What kind of food/beverages do you serve in the clubhouse? 

 Our full menu is available on our website here: https://www.golfpleasantview.com/goat-hill-grill.

What kind of food/beverages do you serve on the beverage cart? 

On the beverage cart, options may vary. Generally, the beverage cart can serve most simple mixed drinks, as well as some specialty drinks, like Bloody Mary's and John Daly's. The beverage cart also serves all canned beer that is available in the clubhouse.

Can we bring a group of people for lunch/dinner? Do you take reservations?

Yes, we would love to have you! Though we do not do formal reservations, we appreciate a call (608) 831-7988 ahead of time if you plan to bring more than 10-15 people for lunch/dinner, so we can be sure we will be able to accommodate your group. 

What is quick to get on the turn?

We have a variety of "grab-n-go" snack options, such as Cliff Bars, gourmet chips, peanuts, beef jerky, candy, etc. We also generally have hot dogs, brats, and cold sandwiches available for you on the turn! If you want something a little more substantial, we are happy to have it ready for you when you come in on the turn, just make sure you call your order in at (608) 831-7988 when you are on the 9th tee!

What kind of beers do you have on tap?

We pride ourselves in having a great rotating tap beer selection! With a mix of local favorites and some Midwest classics, we are always keeping our tap beer lineup fresh. Check out our menu to see what is on tap today: https://www.golfpleasantview.com/goat-hill-grill.

Do you have a fish fry?

We are not currently offering a fish fry due to the high volume of golfers we currently accommodate daily.

Do you cater events for golf outings? What options do you have on your event catering menu?

Yes! We provide food/beverage for our golf outings that choose to add those options as a part of their event package. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Do you have a "snack bar" for kids?

We do not have an outdoor "snack bar." However, our style is similar to "grab-n-go", as we do not have table service. We have plenty of options for kids who take advantage of our Billy Goat Course in the summer months and need a snack along the way. 

Can drinks be taken to the driving range?

Yes, you may take drinks to the driving range (and anywhere on the golf course), just make sure to let us know you are headed outside so our staff can give you a plastic cup! 

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