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    Driving Range


 The range will be closed beginning at 6:00pm on Wednesday, July 24th until 9am on Thursday, July 25th for maintenance. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The range is open for the season.

 2024 Range Basket Pricing

Small Range Basket: $6.95
Medium Range Basket: $11.95
Large Range Basket: $15.95

(All rates are subject to a 5.5% sales tax.)

2024 Range Card Pricing

$300 Range Card

(The range card will be loaded with $300 on it and each drop will be discounted 25%.)

To purchase a range card, click here.


You may purchase practice balls either at the range machine with a credit card or in the golf shop. 

Please try not to strike the ball from the same position on the TurfHound mat system over and over. 

Why TurfHound and not grass?  

#1 - Safety: Because of the latest innovations in golf technology, as well as athletes improving their performance, we are seeing golfers hit the ball increasingly further. As a result, we have experienced an upsurge of golf balls on the back side of the driving range, threatening the safety of golfers playing on Lake holes three and four.

#2 - Better Product for You: TurfHound is strikingly different when compared with the conventional mat--It feels like and plays like you're on natural turf! TurfHound produces the most realistic, versatile, and durable synthetic golf surfaces in the world based on their patented Active Foam Technology. TurfHound's proprietary foam core, embedded in a unique urethane blend, covered with the finest grass layer available, simulates the feel and performance of healthy natural turf, whereas the ordinary golf mats focus their attention on the hitting surface. TurfHound's creators have replicated the physical dynamics and response of natural turf embodied in the top 1/4" to 1/2" of soil. You can practice your swing over and over on the TurfHound surface, then step onto the fairway and enjoy the same swing dynamics on natural turf. There's no club-head bounce as you swing down and through the ball. No painful shocks to your wrists, elbows, or shoulders. You can drive off your own tee, set at any height, or use your irons and work on all parts of your short game, just as you would off healthy natural turf. There are no divots to replace!

#3 - Opportunity for Improvements: We plan to modify the slope and add new targets, improving your line of sight and allowing for a more inventive aesthetic, as opposed to the current setup. Through moving the practice area back, this will allow us to maintain our current quality of practice ball, and not have to implement limited flight practice balls. Each year we purchase new practice balls and each year thousands are lost in the ditch and trees surrounding the practice range. Moving back the practice area has significantly reduced the number of lost practice balls, thus reducing staff hours and stress.

#4 - Let's Not Obstruct the 'Pleasant View': Through moving the practice area back, we will not be compelled to install 'high nets,' as they would diminish the top-of-the-hill view that we all know and love.

Some of America's most prestigious golf facilities have upgraded their practice and training experience with TurfHound Tee Surfaces. Pleasant View Golf Course is honored to join the following courses who also feature TurfHound: 

Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club & Lodge
 Aronimink Golf Club in Pennsylvania
Baltusrol Country Club in New Jersey
Bay Hill Country Club in Florida
Bellerive Country Club in Missouri
Boston Golf Club in Massachusetts
Colonial Golf Course in (FW) Texas
Merion Golf Club in Pennsylvania
North Fork Country Club in New York
Pebble Beach Golf Link in California
Royal Montreal Golf Club in Quebec
The Country Club in Ohio
Wade Hampton Golf Club in North Carolina
Wilmington Country Club
Woodmont Country Club in Maryland


TurfHound FAQ's:

Why do amateur and professional golfers prefer TurfHound Surfaces?

They feel great! When a golfer makes solid contact on natural turf, it feels great. In golf, ‘feel’ is everything. With TurfHound revolutionary fairway surfaces, golfers can swing freely down and through the ball, just like with natural turf and get realistic feedback. This helps golfers maintain their natural swing mechanics which results in a realistic golf shot and better ball control. If a golfer hits a fat shot from a TurfHound Surface, contact will feel fat and the ball will fly just as it would if hit from a natural tee box or fairway turf. Golfers also like the choices available with our TurfHound tee lines that allow them to practice from fairway turf and first-cut rough.

What makes TurfHound Surfaces better than conventional golf mats?

The unique benefits provided by TurfHound Surfaces and Tee Holders stem from its proprietary technologies. During the manufacturing process, a specially designed core material is embedded in a unique urethane-based blend. Together they form a fully integrated surface unit while adhering to very tight manufacturing specifications. As a result, TurfHound Surfaces do not require an adhesive layer between the grassy layer and substrate. This benefits golfers by enabling the surface to flex around the club head as it travels smoothly down and through the turf without interrupting the golfer’s swing. It also ensures the layers do not separate, even with heavy use.

TurfHound’s tee holder versus rubber tees?

A revolutionary TurfHound Tee Holder is included with each TurfHound station. This tee holder enables golfers to use conventional wood or plastic tees—the same tees they use on the course. Eliminating flimsy rubber tees is just one more reason why TurfHound surfaces are considered the most realistic.

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