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    Justin Tafs

What is Justin's role at Pleasant View Golf Course?

Justin joined the Pleasant View Golf Course crew in the fall of 2022 with the role of Assistant Superintendent. He provides direct support and direction to the Superintedent, Equipment Manager, Irrigation Technician, and all team members to ensure everyday operations are running smoothly. It is a role where you need to wear many hats!

What is his background? What did he do before Pleasant View Golf Course?

Justin grew up in Spring Green, WI attending St. John's Elementary and River Valley Schools graduating in 2002. He returned to college in 2011 at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College, earning his Associates Degree in Applied Science - Golf Course Management. 3 Spanish Peaks golf 5 scaled

He holds extensive experience in the areas of landscape design and installation, turf and plant fertility/disease management, equipment operation and troubleshooting, irrigation management, and business management. He holds a diverse set of skills that directly integrates with all aspects of golf course maintenance.

His golf course background includes working in capacities as a crew member, assistant mechanic, intern, and assistant superintendent. He spent three years working at The Club at Spanish Peaks (Top 100 Courses-Golf Digest) in Big Sky, MT. He then moved back to Wisconsin and continued his golf course career working at local courses throughout Wisconsin such as Lake Wisconsin Country Club, The Castle Course at Northern Bay, and Lake Geneva Country Club.

Before he came to PVGC, Justin had been part of a new hemp startup business, Drift Extracts. His responsibilities stemmed to cultivation and processing specialist. He then moved on to be their Senior Account Representative for their house brand, Workman's Relief. 

How did Pleasant View Golf Course come into Justin's life? 

Justin was enjoying his career in hemp, but there was always that itch to get back into golf.

While browsing for opportunities, he came across a posting for Pleasant View Golf Course. After interviews with leadership, he graciously accepted the position offered and is incredibly pleased to be working with such an experienced staff. 

Aside from working at Pleasant View Golf Course, what are his other interests/passions? Justins wife

Justin likes to stay active with his wife Rita and kids Angus (10) and Veda (8). They spend time in the outdoors swimming, hunting, fishing, and bike riding. He enjoys watching local baseball teams compete, umpiring for local youth baseball teams, and is an assistant coach for his son's football team. Justin also enjoys being a loyal fan to the Justins kidsBrewers/Packers/Badgers/Bucks, attending a few games every year.  

What does he feel is Pleasant View Golf Course’s most unique characteristic? 

Justin feels that Pleasant View's most unique characteristic is the ability to provide a playing experience that can accommodate every player's skill set. From a beginner to pro, everyone can enjoy the facility, be challenged, and have a great time.

If he could choose three people to be in his foursome who have influenced his passion for golf the most, who would they be and why?

Justin has been fortunate to have many great coaches and mentors in his life. For golf, it would have to be a fivesome.

His first is Scott Kennedy, director of the golf course management program at Southwest Technical College, PGA Tour Rules Official, and PGA of America Member. He has an amazing program and connection to the game that provided an opportunity to go anywhere in the world. In tandem, Scott provided Justin the education and connections to accelerate his career.

Edward Liegel Sr. takes the second spot. Ed's tutelage helped cultivate a love for soil and conservation. Justin looks to take some of those practices and implement them at Pleasant View Golf Course to increase our level of stewardship to the land.

Next would be Andy Kronwall and Gabe Hatchett. These two were the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent at Lake Geneva Country Club during his internship. They were great teachers of turf, irrigation, equipment, and management. They worked very well together, and managed their employees very well. He will be forever grateful to them for allowing him to do so much in his short tenure.  

What's in Justin's cart? 

Justin's cart includes a soil probe, pen and paper, and a positive attitude! 

What does the future hold for Justin? What are his aspirations?2Lake

Personally, Justin looks forward to continuing to work on his hobby farm, and expanding on his vegetable and fruit gardens while planting a small orchard of fruit trees.

Professionally, he looks forward to having a long career at Pleasant View Golf Course, giving the people of the area great course conditions, and taking advantage of every opportunity presented.

Do his co-workers have any nicknames for him? If so, what are they?

No nicknames yet...but we are sure there will be some!

What has been Justin's favorite course project that his crew has done? What has been his least favorite?

Even though Justin hasn't been here long, he participated in the construction of the new tee boxes on Lake hole number two. It should make for a very challenging, yet playable, hole to play!

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