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    League Updates

All leagues on Thursday, 5/9 are cancelled due to the amount of rain we have received.

League Reminders
  • Since all leagues are prepaid, golfers will only need to go into the golf shop if they need to rent a riding cart or pushcart or if they need to purchase any merchandise. The starters outside will be checking receipts for carts so be sure to hold onto the receipt to show to the starters.
  • Range balls can be purchased right at the range machine using a credit card or range card.
  • Please report to the tee roughly five minutes prior to your scheduled tee time. 
  • Tee times are every ten minutes. Each group will have the first person tee off at your scheduled time. If someone is late, they will have to skip ahead to meet up with the group. We will not hold up the tee time out of respect to those following your scheduled tee time.
  • Per the USGA Rules, there is a three-minute search limit once you arrive at the spot you think your ball is at.
  • Per Pleasant View Golf Course Local Rule, all long grass areas and heavily wooded areas are to be played as red penalty areas.
  • Pace of play is 2 hours and 15 minutes for 9 holes. Please keep up with the group in front of you and make sure that your first group out does not exceed 2 hours and 15 minutes.
  • It is your responsibility as a golfer, as a courtesy to others following, to please replace divots, repair ball marks (yours and at least one other), and rake bunkers.
  • We do not have a siren to warn golfers of inclement weather; therefore, it is up to the golfers themselves to determine if threatening weather is imminent.
  • The inside clubhouse is open for dining during the regular season. Please note that in an effort to reduce the amount of time it takes to get food orders out, there may be a limited menu.
  • We do not have bulletin boards for use in the clubhouse so please make arrangements with Becky to have scorecards passed out on the first tee by the starter.
  • If you need hole event signs (proxies) to be taken out by our starters, please make sure that they have been given to either Becky or the golf shop staff by 2pm the day of your league. 
  • If threatening weather is imminent and requires course closure, we will push out a notification via the app or visit this site: www.golfpleasantview.com/league-updates
We look forward to another great league season.

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