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    Lyndsay Ward

What is Lyndsay's role at Pleasant View Golf Course?IMG 5690

Lyndsay is the Food and Beverage Manager. Her role involves overseeing all the operations of the Food and Beverage Department. She is responsible for all of the hiring, training, and scheduling of staff; as well as managing food and beverage inventory, order placing, and maintaining records of the inventory control system. Lyndsay is also in charge of keeping facility compliance through implementation of health codes, license laws and regulations, and safety requirements. She, along with Chris Schwab, develop the menus and recipes for the Food and Beverage Department and develop unique products and promotions to drive sales. Lyndsay also leads the staff in the planning, organization, and delivery of precisely timed events/outings and ensures all food and beverage needs are met. She also recently has taken over our email marketing, as well as plays a role in Pleasant View GC’s social media platforms.

What is her background? What did she do before Pleasant View Golf Course?

thumbnail IMG 6859Lyndsay grew up in a small town between Madison and Milwaukee, called Lake Mills. From a young age she was a bit of a tomboy--very involved in athletics, excelling in basketball and soccer. Growing up in a lake town, in the summer time she spent much of her time on the boat waterskiing and wakeboarding; or at the nearby motocross track watching her dad race and developing a passion for the outdoors. In the winter time, she spent most of her time skiing and snowboarding at local hills and in the Upper Peninsula. After graduating from high school, she decided to pursue a degree in Nursing and Spanish Language at Edgewood College. Soon after being in the program, she discovered that she was squeamish and decided to instead pursue a degree in Child Developmental Psychology. She received her degree in Spanish from La Universidad Católica de Santa Maria in Arequipa, Peru when she studied abroad there at the age of 19. After returning from Peru, she decided to apply for a Ski & Snowboard Instructor Position at Tyrol Basin Ski & Snowboard Area. She worked there as an instructor through college and until 2017 when she began running the Ski School. While working there, she met some of her co-workers who also worked at Pleasant View GC, and they encouraged her to apply. 

How did Pleasant View Golf Course come into Lyndsay's life? 

After hearing about Pleasant View GC from her co-workers at Tyrol Basin, she one day asked Jeremy, who was training the snowboard instructors there at the time, about Pleasant View GC. That thumbnail IMG 3336spring she began working at Pleasant View GC as a Bartender and Beverage Cart Attendant. She worked in that position for a few years and then began taking on more responsibility; such as training staff and scheduling. She took over as the Food and Beverage Manager last season, in 2019. 

Aside from working at Pleasant View Golf Course, what are her other interests/passions? 

Lyndsay enjoys being outdoors and sharing her passion for snow sports with others. Over the past several years, she has spent much of her time preparing for and achieving numerous professional certifications in the Snow Sports Industry. The part of her life she finds most thumbnail IMG 4087rewarding is working with and mentoring young staff members and students. She enjoys teaching ski/snowboard lessons to children, running clinics for her staff, and developing unique experiences and programs for her clients. A couple times a year she likes to visit her family’s cabin in Northern Wisconsin and spends time kayaking, wakeboarding, snowmobiling, etc. Lyndsay also loves to cook and is always testing out new recipes for the menu at Pleasant View GC. She has also always been very into music and enjoys playing the acoustic guitar and going to concerts. When she is not working, she is usually spending time with her one year-old puppy, Pippa. 

What does she feel is Pleasant View Golf Course’s most unique characteristic? 

Growing up in a small town where golf wasn’t a prevalent sport, Lyndsay soon understood the passion that people in this community have for the game. Prior to working at Pleasant View GC, Lyndsay had never swung a golf club. She feels that the most unique characteristic of Pleasant View GC is that it seems to be the center for joy within the community where people come together to enjoy the game and share the happiness, the challenge, and the pastime that it brings them. Having been around her coworkers for several years now, who have grown up in this community innately with golf, it has been fun for her to be immersed in the culture of this community and appreciate the golf industry.

Where does Lyndsay see Pleasant View Golf Course going in the future? thumbnail IMG 3816

She believes that Pleasant View GC will continue to expand and become more well-known not just in the area, but in the midwest. She believes that Pleasant View GC will host even larger events, while continuing to renovate and improve the amenities for patrons, and continue to grow in the eyes of others. 

Who has influenced Lyndsay the most and why?

Her dad, who inspired her love of sports, the outdoors, and her sense of adventure has been one of the biggest influencers in her life. Her high school soccer coach, Jeff Hegstrom, who taught her how to be a leader; to have integrity and kindness; and instilled a fiery work ethic in her, also had a great impact on her. Finally, former Golf Shop Attendant at Pleasant View GC and former Ski School Director at Tyrol Basin, Dave Ege, saw something in Lyndsay from a young age and has opened a lot of doors for her, for which she is incredibly grateful. 

What does the future hold for Lyndsay? What are her aspirations? 

Lyndsay hopes to stay in a management-type role, though it often challenges her and has forced her to grow up quickly, she is grateful for all of the experience Pleasant View GC continues to give her. She finds mentoring staff and leading a department to be very rewarding and hopes to continue it whether it be in the ski industry, golf industry, etc. She hopes to travel more in the coming years and see what else is in the cards for her. 

Do her co-workers have any nicknames for her? If so, what are they?

Yes. Too many. To name a few… “Lynds”, “Junior”, “The Say”, “Pinball”, “Ping-Pong”, “Dutchess”, “The Lynds”, “Doctor Ward”, “Say Say”, Danika”, “Snow Bunny”

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